Around Town Driving is a professional driving school that serves the greater Dallas/Fort Worth area by providing top notch driver training. Instructors are real, humble and honest people who will work relentlessly to make sure you achieve your certification in driving a motor vehicle. With 29 years of experience, you will find that you’ll more with ATD in 1 hour than 4 hours with the other guys.

We have taught ALL cultures and races. Adults have to over come many difficulties of language and surroundings. The DFW area traffic is much busier than a small town in South Africa or a city in West Texas. This situation can sometimes take time. We familiarize you with skills and knowledge of the local laws along with city streets.
As follows are Available In Car Skills:
    •    Fundamentals of car control
    •    Light and heavy city driving
    •    Rural (country) driving
    •    Freeway driving
    •    Turn around maneuvers
    •    Parking (including Parallel Parking)
    •    Defensive Driving Skills – S.I.P.D.E.
    •    Changing Lanes – S.M.O.G.