As adult drivers, YOU are held at a higher standard. To receive your drivers license you must first take a written test for your learners permit. This test can be taken by computer, paper, or orally if there are special circumstances such as ADD or Dyslexia. This test consists of TWO SECTIONS which consists of 20 questions of Laws and 20 questions of Signs. When you pass BOTH sections with a grade of 70 or better you will receive your learners permit. Note! Make sure when you receive your permit you check to insure it has an expiration date on it. If not, go back to the counter immediately and find out why there isn’t an expiration date.
To prepare for your written test go to the back of your Texas Drivers Handbook, page A-1 and study the 84 questions. Then study Chapter 5 and study ALL signs.
Documents required for licensing are as follows:
Social Security Card – Birth Certificate – Passport (non-USA) – Proof of Insurance (owns car) – $25.00
Skills You will need for YOUR license:
•    Fundamentals of car control
•    Learn tracking skills
•    Learn tight right turns
•    Learn to STOP correctly
•    Learn to parallel park
•    Learn right away at intersections
•    Learn 2 way and 4 way stops
•    Learn to check mirrors
•    Learn turnaround maneuvers
•    Learn to change lanes S.M.O.G.
•    Learn defensive driving S.I.P.D.E.
•    Acquire confidence